About Us

Willow Creek Child Care Center

Since opening in February of 1982, the goal of Willow Creek Child Care is to provide a home away from home for infants and young children. We furnish a safe, loving and enriching environment where children are treated as individuals. We strive to build self-confidence and guide each child toward reaching his or her own potential.

At Willow Creek, children develop caring attitudes for others as they grow cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally. With the qualified staff and professionally planned room arrangements the children have opportunities to learn and develop individually and as part of a group. All toys and equipment are specially designed for young children. Our daily program consists of art experiences, fine and gross motor activities, circle or group times, stories, music, math/science activities and language/pre-reading skills.

Willow Creek’s overall curriculum is based on several key ideas.
1. Children learn through play, their learning experiences and environment.
2. The teaching staff uses developmentally appropriate practices in the classroom and takes advantage of teachable moments.
3. Daily routine and meaningful experiences enhance children’s learning.
4. The teaching staff makes adjustments in their teaching for the needs and interests of individual children.
5. Children develop every day; socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically.
6. Literacy and language development are emphasized daily in the classroom.
7. Positive reinforcement and guidance is necessary for building relationships with children.